March 27, 2023

For the document, I’m not pleased that Harry is doing nothing about discovering Child.

Additionally, I wish to notice that I will probably be extraordinarily sad if D’Arcy finally ends up completely injured as a result of she’s pushing so onerous for the event.

The search for extra ache drugs match’s D’Arcy’s character, however I used to be actually pleased that Nurse Ellen didn’t give D’Arcy an early refill. I hope Harry didn’t give in to her blackmail.

D’Arcy hooked on ache drugs simply isn’t an attention-grabbing story to me. Neither, actually, is her having to take care of one other harm.

I used to be thrilled that D’Arcy received the qualifiers. It was additionally nice to see so many individuals from city come out to cheer for her.

I knew Elliot was going to be there to assist her, regardless of their argument. I did really feel for D’Arcy when he walked away.

I knew she thought he was strolling away for good, reasonably than simply recognizing that she wasn’t in a spot to simply accept somebody attempting to care for her.

I’m liking Elliot an increasing number of. If one thing does occur with that knee, I hope she isn’t profitable at pushing him away at that time.

Liz and Lewis had been lovable after they ganged up on the Sheriff. However they couldn’t get him to confess he’s pleased in Persistence.

I find it irresistible when Liz and the Sheriff (I do know I ought to be utilizing his given identify, however I can’t assist however consider him as “The Sheriff”.) have a second second after they actually speak.

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Liz is a very good affect on him. I believe he’s going to ask Torres on a date…and keep for the entire thing.

Why did Kate, the lawyer, not take into consideration a restraining order? This ought to be enjoyable.

I do know that Harry’s individuals don’t increase their offspring like people do. He’s described it to us continuously.

However I nonetheless really feel Harry ought to be doing extra to search out Child. I don’t suppose it’s an accident that Sahar wasn’t on this episode.

I discovered myself wishing that Harry’d informed Asta about how kids are raised by his individuals. I believe he’s talked about it not less than as soon as, and I get that it’s info the viewers already has, however I’d have appreciated some indication that Asta understands that facet of his background.

It will additionally give us extra of a sign that Harry is changing into a greater buddy.

I’m fairly positive everybody realized that Asta’s go to together with her beginning mom was going to be coronary heart breaking. She spent extra time with Asta and Harry than I truly anticipated.

Underneath the heading of Harry being a greater buddy, his departing phrases to Mary Ellen rocked. His phrases within the automotive trip again to the event rocked as effectively. He helped her make it by way of the remainder of the day.

When she did break down, D’Arcy and Dan had her again.

So, what I’ve been assuming for a few weeks was confirmed to be appropriate this week. The Grays are behind the approaching apocalypse.

Subsequent week The Alien Tracker involves city. I’m hoping that this returns us to pulling all the threads collectively.

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Harry will discover Child. The Common figures out who the mole is. The Tracker meets his son (I’m nonetheless operating with my principle that the child taken from his mom’s womb is Joseph.)

What did you guys consider the episode?


My grandfather stated “Make water.” I’ve not heard it since I grew up and left residence.

The crop circle sequence was a hoot. Harry positive is aware of annoy others. I would like an emoji set with Harry’s crop circles.

All hail the go to by George Takei. His look was superior!