March 27, 2023

Two airliners had a close to collision incident on Saturday, August twentieth, at Pakistan’s Jinnah Worldwide Airport (KHI) in Karachi. A Pakistan Worldwide Airways (PIA) flight was on closing strategy to land on the identical runway that an AirSial flight was taking off. Air Visitors Management is being credited for inflicting the close to catastrophe. ATC claims it issued a go-around command to the PIA flight, however the pilots’ negligence precipitated the close to miss. Pakistani aviation officers are investigating the occasion, and people at fault can be held accountable.


Averted catastrophe

On Saturday, August twentieth, two airliners almost collided at Pakistan’s KHI airport. AirSial flight PF123, an Airbus A320 registered AP-BOA, had been given clearance to take off runway 25L. Concurrently PIA flight PK351, an Airbus A320 registered AP-BLW was on brief closing to land runway 25L. The PIA flight was inside one kilometer of the runway when the AirSial flight started its takeoff roll. The touchdown site visitors got here in instantly behind the departing site visitors. The PIA flight was wheels down at 13:14. Solely moments later; the AirSial flight was wheels up at 13:15.

The AirSial flight took off utilizing runway 25L. Photograph: Flight Radar 24

The PIA flight landed utilizing runway 25L. Photograph: Flight Radar 24

ATC has been blamed for the close to collision. ATC claims it had instructed the PIA flight to go round, however the pilots didn’t comply with this path and proceeded to land with out a touchdown clearance. Regardless, negligence was an element on this incident. It’s not typical for ATC to authorize an plane to enter a runway whereas one other airplane is on brief closing, even when it was instructed to go round. The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has begun an investigation concerning the incident. It acknowledged that these accountable can be held accountable, and the habits can be corrected in order that this sort of incident is much less more likely to happen.

The PIA flight had traveled 1,092km earlier than touching down in Karachi. The flight had left Peshawar in Northern Pakistan. It spent one hour and 31 minutes within the air. After departure, the AirSial flight traveled 1,104km to Islamabad, Pakistan. This flight additionally took one hour and 31 minutes.

This incident marks the second time that PIA has made the headlines for a close to collision in lower than a month. On July twenty fourth, two PIA flights almost collided at 35,000 ft. The incident occurred roughly 170 nautical miles northeast of Dubai. Each flights had been working in Iranian airspace. A PIA A320 had been cruising at flight degree 360. At this level, it was cleared to descend to flight degree 200. This flight was instantly above and forward of a PIA Boeing 777 cruising at flight degree 350.

The A320 descended instantly into the flight path of the bigger plane. Each flight crews had been notified of the upcoming collision by their TCAS techniques and maneuvered to keep away from each other. The A320 ascended whereas the 777 descended. Flight monitoring techniques confirmed that the 777 descended 4 hundred ft whereas the A320 climbed 1,300 ft. The accountability for this close to catastrophe was positioned on ATC.

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Supply: Flight Radar 24

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