March 21, 2023

Japan Airways stands aside with its seating configurations of the Boeing 787. It has maintained an eight throughout 2-4-2 format in economic system for its internationally operated 787s. The usual for different airways has develop into a extra cramped 9 abreast 3-3-3 format in economic system class.

Japan Airways and the Boeing 787

The Boeing 787 entered service in 2011 with Japanese airline All Nippon Airways, generally recognized simply as ANA. Japan Airways took its first plane quickly after, and the 2 Japanese airways have remained main operators of the kind.

Japan Airways is among the largest operators of the Boeing 787 (up with ANA and United Airways). The airline at present operates a fleet of 25 Boeing 787-8 and 22 Boeing 787-9 plane (based mostly on knowledge from as of August 2022).


JAL economic system has simply two seats on both facet. Picture: Japan Airways

A extra spacious configuration

There’s one essential distinction between Japan Airways and ANA’s 787 fleets (and certainly between all different operators). Each launch operator ANA and Japan Airways initially adopted the proposed eight throughout format in economic system class. ANA has since modified layouts, nevertheless, and now operates its Boeing 787s as 9 abreast in economic system. This has additionally develop into the usual for different operators. The push to larger capability has received over extra passenger house.

Japan Air Traces, however, adopted the eight abreast format at launch and continues to function all its long-haul 787s on this configuration. It additionally now operates a denser home 787-8 configuration, which is 9 throughout.

With its eight abreast format, Japan Airways affords a typical economic system seat width of 18 inches. It additionally affords seat pitch of 32 to 33 inches (seat knowledge relies on and

In complete, Japan Airways operates 5 primary completely different Boeing 787 configurations. These are as follows (based mostly on knowledge from ch-aviation as of August 2022).

A spacious two-class economic system and enterprise, with 156 economic system and 30 enterprise. Japan Airways operates 10 787-8 plane on this configuration, with a extra beneficiant 33 inches pitch in economic system and 74 in enterprise.

Two-class economic system and enterprise, with 176 economic system and 30 enterprise. Japan Airways operates 11 787-8 plane on this configuration, with much less pitch for each economic system (31 inches) and enterprise (60 inches).

Three class configuration on the 787-9. All Japan Airways’ 22 787-9 plane have a 3 cabin configuration with economic system, premium economic system and enterprise class. One configuration has 116 economic system seats, 35 premium economic system and 44 enterprise (4 plane improve this to 52 seats). 17 of the airline’s 787-9 plane are configured this fashion.

The seatmap for JALs three class format on the 787-9. Picture: Japan Air Traces

The second 787-9 configuration with extra economic system seats. These nonetheless provide the identical eight abreast format with 33-inch seat pitch. The 5 plane configured this fashion have 21 premium economic system and 28 enterprise class seats.

JAL 787 premium economic system is a superb product – and solely seven abreast. Picture: Japan Air Traces

Home three cabin plane. Japan Airways has 4 Boeing 787-8 plane fitted for home routes. These have 227 economic system seats (organized 9 abreast), 58 “J class” enterprise seats (that are extra like premium economic system, with 38 inch seat pitch) and 9 top quality seats.

The seatmap for JALs home 787-8. Picture: Japan Air Traces

Higher than different operators

This eight-abreast configuration is extra beneficiant than different operators, giving a wider seat and roomier cabin. All different operators have gone with a 9 abreast 3-3-3 economic system configuration.

After making modifications, ANA’s Boeing 787 plane are actually 9 abreast in economic system (on all its 787-8, 787-9, and 787-10 plane). On the 787-9 and 787-10, nevertheless, the airline affords a really beneficiant 34-inch seat pitch. This was elevated when the cabins had been re-fitted as 9 abreast. That is larger pitch than Japan Airways, and is an attention-grabbing trade-off. In its most dense worldwide 787-9 format, ANA manages 192 economic system seats, 14 premium economic system, and 40 enterprise seats. Its dense home configuration reaches 377 economic system seats (and 18 enterprise/premium seats).

United Airways and American Airways function their massive fleets all with 9 abreast economic system class. United Airways affords 17.3-inch seat width and only a 31-inch seat pitch (in accordance with With American Airways, the width varies from 16.2 inches to 18.1 inches (though most might be 17.2 inches). Easy Flying’s Pranjal Pande took a glance contained in the economic system cabin on United Airways on a visit from Chicago to Los Angeles.

United’s 787 has a 3-3-3 format. Picture: Pranjal Pande | Easy Flying

British Airways likewise has varied configurations. All are 9 abreast in economic system, with simply 31 inches pitch.

Have you ever flown on a Japan Airways Boeing 787 plane in economic system or premium economic system? What did you consider the seat and repair? Does the economic system cabin really feel higher in follow? Tell us within the feedback.

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